Storytelling is currently in process. Soon Sustain will bring inspiring stories to your ears on a weekly basis.


Sustain is a podcast about sustainable living. What is sustainable living? It's the notion of living life in a way that ensures prosperity for future generations within a thriving environment.

Sounds lofty, right? That's where this podcast comes in. The aim is to break down the concepts of sustainability into digestible stories of innovation and inspiration. Sure, you may associate sustainability with things like environmental protection and eating local, but it's also about social equality, access to education, and ending world hunger. It's pretty strange times we are living in and your ears are probably bombarded with lots of negative news, but there are also people out there doing cool things to make a positive impact and ensure a sustainable future for all beings.

Sustain brings you these stories each week in order to engage you and challenge you to think about your role in shaping the future. What kind of stuff will we talk about? The podcast will be centered around the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals effective as of January 2016. Topics on the podcast will touch on the following goals:

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