Select Documentary Work


When Sandra Lee is stunned after her routine annual mammogram delivers a breast cancer diagnosis, she takes a courageous journey through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery as her experience becomes a call for early detection.


Doula Diaries - Season 2 (2018)

I Do It Differently

Sam and Karen are getting married, but they aren't going the traditional route. They want to get married in an ice chapel with customized flourishes of their own.



Only 3.3% of male students are athletes, but male student athletes are responsible for 19% of reported sexual assaults on campus. However, the NCAA, the primary governing board for college athletics, has no formal policy attaching sexually violent behavior to athletic eligibility. Recent graduate CC Carreras and Set the Expectation campaign founder Brenda Tracy share their stories and ask what can be done differently.



In Elloree, South Carolina, a group of men pass the time, and put aside worries about the economy, by playing checkers together every afternoon. 



A farmer investigates the history of his land, cotton fields that have belonged to his family for 200 years, and grapples with the ethics of inheritance. 



World Wide Kat is a web series hosted by Katayoun De La Fuente. In each episode, Kat heads out and meets a guest who is making waves in their industry.


AMERICANA: Documentary Web Series Trailer

 Project Jerusalem (2010)

How do we form our values? Our family? Our environment? Our religion? Project Jerusalem, explores the formation and rejection of belief systems through a secular pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Dealing with issues of age, culture, religion, and politics, this essay film tells one woman’s story of breaking the cycle of blind acceptance and striving to understand the origin of her beliefs. Directed and edited by Jenna Hill.

Praise for Project Jerusalem

“Project Jerusalem is a fascinating film that chronicles director Jenna Hill’s journey to understand some of the spiritual influences on her life and consequently on her understanding of spiritual concepts triggered by a ‘pilgrimage’ to Jerusalem. The movie is full of movement, sound, picture and impressions. The contemporary visit to Jerusalem is interspersed with significant personal moments, discussion and diary extracts, and other thoughts from Jenna’s upbringing featuring interviews with key influencers on her life. There is an honesty both to the story telling and the open conclusions in this film essay, which are valuable for us all.

Project Jerusalem was deservedly awarded the prestigious SIGNIS award at the 2011 Insight Film Festival.”

John Forrest – Director, The Insight Film Festival

Manchester UK